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Tax advisory

tax assistance


Declaration/financial statement preparation

We prepare various tax returns and financial statements, including income tax and corporate tax.
Our experienced personnel who specialize in accounting and tax affairs prepare tax returns that comply with the tax laws that are revised almost every year.

tax advisor

We provide timely and appropriate advice for consultations that occur on a daily basis.
Based on the business trends during the fiscal year, we will propose future business development and tax saving measures.
*Optional (Additional costs may be incurred in addition to the advisory fee)
Preparation of year-end adjustment, tax withholding slip, salary payment report
Preparation of statutory record total table and payment record
Preparation and submission of depreciable asset declaration
Preparing and witnessing tax audits

Inheritance tax return

When an inheritance occurs, an inheritance tax return must be filed.
In a busy situation, it is necessary to grasp and evaluate all the assets held by the decedent, such as cash and deposits, real estate, etc., which requires complicated procedures and specialized knowledge.
We handle a large number of inheritance cases, so please feel free to leave them to us.
In addition to filing tax returns, various procedures such as preparation of inheritance division agreements and real estate name change are required, but we will provide one-stop support with our affiliated lawyers and judicial scriveners.

Accounting Advisory

Accounting support


Accounting Advice/Efficiency of Closing

Due to the expansion and complexity of business, the method of accounting processing becomes more and more difficult.
We can help you strengthen your accounting system by providing accounting guidance according to your troubled situation, such as if you are able to perform daily accounting and settlement work but are worried about the processing content, or if the work is taking too long.

Accounting system introduction/self-accounting

In order for business operators themselves to build a system for accounting processing, we support everything from system selection to guidance on input methods. By doing the accounting work yourself, it is possible to grasp the business results in a timely manner.


Management consultation


Business start-up support/entrepreneurship consultation

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to start a business or establish a company.
We will support you smoothly until the opening of business with establishment support in partnership with judicial scriveners and social insurance labor consultants.
When you start a business, you may have high expectations for future business development and business opportunities, but you may also have various concerns about funding and human resources. I would appreciate it if you could talk frankly about such concerns.

Formulation of business plans/financing support

We will quantify the outlook for sales from the next fiscal year onward and plans for new investment projects as business plans. By expressing it as a firm numerical value instead of an abstract goal, it is possible to manage the budget and actual results, judge the success or failure of the activities that have been done so far, and create indicators for the direction to be taken in the future.

business succession

There are various methods for carrying out business succession, and it is necessary to find a feasible method according to the company's situation. We support the formulation/execution of a business succession plan that allows the business to continue with peace of mind even when there is a major change in management.


Audit work


Accounting audit

We carry out statutory audits and voluntary audits.
In addition to general stock companies, we can also handle public interest corporations and social welfare corporations.
Through audit work, we will not only provide simple numerical correctness, but also provide advice that will become noticeable in management.

Officer dispatch

In recent years, the design of corporate institutions to protect stakeholders has become important, and corporate law stipulates corporate auditors, accounting advisors, and other officers who play a role in ensuring the accuracy of accounting figures. . If you are looking for a suitable person for such a company officer, please contact us. We dispatch experienced certified public accountants, etc., to contribute to the strengthening of governance for the construction and development of sound organizations.

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