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Omori Accounting Office was founded in 1975 by the former tax accountant Yoshiaki Omori. I have been active.
I, Masaaki Omori, who will be the second generation, utilize my experience in auditing at an audit firm, internal control construction support, and IPO support, and I am not only from a tax perspective, but also from a more multifaceted perspective, such as accounting standards and business management. We would like to provide advice from an angle, nurture a strong management base for our customers, and contribute to the growth/expansion and stability of their businesses from an accounting perspective.




・Graduated from Meiji University Graduate School of Professional Accountancy (2010)
・Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC (2011-2018)
・PwC Business Assurance LLC (2018-2020)

Representative  Masaaki Omori

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